A Rocky Milkyway

A Rocky MilkywayTonight is the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, so what better way to commemorate this yearly occasion than with a photo of the night sky. I like the winter solstice because it means that tomorrow we start a march back towards the longer days. While I love winter weather I don’t appreciate the short days, but I do like a good look at the night sky. This image is of our rocky Milky Way Galaxy as seen from Trail Ridge Road.

At 12,138′ Trail Ridge Road is the highest paved pass in North America. The road to the summit of Mt. Evans is the highest road on the continent, but trail ridge road is a through access highway (at least for half of the year) that connects the eastern and western sides of the continental divide. It is found in Rocky Mountain National Park and is a great place to take in the wonder of our Milky Way Galaxy.  You can’t camp off the road, but as the road doesn’t close during the summer months you can make your way up for an evening to enjoy the stars. Just don’t expect to have the road to yourself as this is a favorite destination amongst astrophotographers.

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