Full Moon Rising



This is one of my favorite memories from 2016. My wife and I had been on the Abel Tasman Coast Track in New Zealand for three solid days when we came to the beautiful Bark Bay. Out of the multitude of bays that we traversed on our coastal tramp this one stands out as the most memorable. We wadding across the estuary into the bay area just within the 2 hour window before low tide and so we got about knee deep. We arrived at the hut we had booked a night’s stay in. We threw our gear on some bunks and headed out to explore the bay. I was immediately drawn to the campground on a nearby small peninsula that mostly divides the bay from the estuary. The campground sits right on the beach and at high tide and is all but in the water. I would have loved to pitch a tent there for a week or more.

We found birds feeding on small fish in the surf and all kinds of sea stars along the bay’s coast. After dinner I noticed the full moon beginning to rise over the bay and I ran to the our hut, grabbed my camera and made my way into the water of the estuary. The fact that New Zealand has no large land predators makes running off into the dark with no bear spray or other weaponry very easy. I got used to it. I snapped a few gorgeous images of the rising moon and thought to myself that it doesn’t get better than this. I was wrong. The following morning, it got better… to be continued next year 🙂

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

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