Water World

Water World

I grew up in Tennessee, an entirely landlocked state in the US. I now live in Colorado which is about as far from an ocean as a person can get.  I remember watching movies growing up where people were depicted living entirely on the ocean—a water world. That idea intrigued me as a young boy. A water world continues to fascinate me to this day. The idea that man could live and thrive in an environment that we aren’t built for. This lifestyle is so very foreign to most of humanity and especially to me. In some way I think I have romanticized it in my mind. When I think back to when I took this image of these Filipino men who live in this tiny hut on the Philippine Sea, I remember thinking, “Wow! That must be amazing.” Waking up to the salty ocean air, walking out of your home straight into the ocean to catch your food, sitting for hours on the porch watching the waves lap against the beams. It must be a very different, peacefully, slow pace of life. Then again, I might get bored. Still, if I am honest, I would take this for a month or two.

My dad has actually taken on the sea life. He has bought and fixed up a boat in New Zealand and is sailing it around the world. You can keep up with his salty adventure at www.awaitingwind.com.

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