Terrifying Trek – The Great Wall Unrestored

Terrifying TrekAt times, Jake and I had a few choice words for The Great Wall, and rightly so. This picture captures a rather strong moment of select wording, defeat, and confusion on how to move forward on this terrifying trek. Check out the vertical wall of crumbling rock and tell me you wouldn’t feel the same… (It goes all the way to the top of the photo.) Welcome to our terrifying trek on the unrestored section of The Great Wall—Jiankou to Mutianyu.

After noting that there wasn’t a trail down and around the wall, we slowly pushed forward, hoping to see a path as we went. Halfway up the crumbling rock face, there actually was a semi-worn path to the right and through the trees. That path lead us to one of the most memorable moments of this trip—climbing a 3-inch diameter tree 10 feet up to continue on the trail with at least a 1,000 foot drop under us.

Today, this is how I react to this picture: “Yeah, I remember that.” And then start darkly laughing because of what I know came next. I can’t believe we survived this trail. But, it was an incredible and very memorable experience. 🙂

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