Terracotta Warrior

TerracottaWarriorThis is a close-up look at the face and armor of one of China’s famous Terracotta Warriors. An estimated 8,000 clay ceramic warriors are in the Terracotta Warrior Archeological Site, east of present day Xi’an, China. The archeological site is an amazing place to visit.

Centuries ago, these warriors were intricately created by skilled craftsman and then painted. Today, you can still see some of the remaining paint. On the site’s tour, I was told that the originals would have been very bright and fully painted when completed. Some of the paint was unearthed with the statues, but the process of removing the clay figures from the mud that encases them usually results in the destruction of the paint.

The statue army was created to accompany China’s first Emperor Qin into the afterlife. The work of unearthing the statues and putting the pieces back together continues today.

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