Reflections of the Past

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Travel to me is about the moments spent experiencing unique cultures and places. I really like to do this in places where the culture no longer really exists. Trying to find that piece of our collective past that is extinct. To dream about what life must have been like so long ago….

Angkor Wat and the other ruins of the Khmer Empire in and around Siem Reap, Cambodia are some of those places I longed to see firsthand for many years. The minute details that can be found in a place that is so massive, like the Angkor Wat complex, pays tribute to the craftsmen and the time spent constructing the place. I could have spent months looking at all the intricate details found in these ancient ruins. I can only imagine how this place must have looked when it was new. Freshly carved stones not weathered by nature and time. To have seen the colorful facades that have long since faded. Today these are impressive structures, but when they were first completed they must have been beyond breathtaking.

The man-made reflection pool pictured above is a part of the main Angkor Wat complex and adds to the majestic nature of this place. I think the traditional boat set afloat in the pool is a nice touch, but I don’t think it is an original. 🙂 Still it does help fill in the scene and transport you to a different time.

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