Old Bedlam

Old Bedlam

This building, “Old Bedlam,” is the oldest structure still standing in the state of Wyoming. Built in 1849, Old Bedlam was a cornerstone of activity at the military outpost of Fort Laramie which lies along the Oregon Trail. The outpost is now a national historic site and, for those of you who like your history, a place worth spending a few hours to explore the numerous buildings, historical information, and visitor center.

In its early years, Fort Laramie was a fur trading post, eventually becoming an incredibly important military outpost and at the center of the tension between settlers moving west and encroaching upon native american territories. Today, there’s a Pony Express Monument at Fort Laramie to distinguish this base as a major part of the Pony Express route between Missouri and California.

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  1. This was built by your ancestor and originally named fort William, for him. Later sold the trading post to the us gov and it was renamed . Grand place to visit

    1. Yeah I was going to tell you that they have his name listed in some of the historical info in the visitor center. I thought I took a pic, but I can’t seem to find it.

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