Many Faces of Bayon

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The Bayon Temple in Angkor Thom is an amazing feat of architecture from the 12th century Khmer Empire.  The ruins from the Khmer make it obvious that they held art in the highest regard when constructing their temples. The ancient ruins are filled with thousands of hand carved reliefs. The amount of labor and dedication that went into making each of these carvings is hard to fathom. The ancient Bayon temple may be the crown jewel of such intentional blending of architecture and art. The temple complex has more than 200 of these massive stone faces staring out from four sides of each tower. These many faces of Bayon are a bit of a mystery as no one knows for sure who is depicted in the reliefs. It is thought that perhaps this is the face of the king Jayavarman VII or perhaps the Buddhist god of compassion, Avalokitesvara. We may never know who these faces were meant to represent, but they have watched over this place for nearly a millennia and that is a testament to their artisans.

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