Island Children

Island Children

These children are growing up on a tiny island in the middle of the Philippine Sea. They have little more than the clothes on their backs. (The kid in the lower right didn’t even have that… he greeted us the way he first greeted the world—butt naked!) Despite their seemingly impoverished lives these island children are some of the happiest faces I have ever come across. I watched as they ventured all over the tiny island looking like the best of friends, basically inseparable. They were excited to have visitors, but they really just enjoyed being out in the sand and splashing about in the water with each other. A simple life full of joy.

Our first world complex lives of having the greatest new gadget, the biggest house, the nicest car, or even going to see the new Marvel release at the theater (I am a comic book movie dork) seem at times to get in the way of the simpler, better things in our lives. The people around us are overlooked because of these modern world distractions. Nature is ignored, and at times abused, for the sake of progress. I’m not saying that man and technology are all evil and nature is all good. What I am saying is that we sometimes miss the great things in our lives in order to settle for the quick and easy—the ordinary.

Don’t settle for living your lives the way your neighbors do because you think it is the way it should be done. Take a chance to be who you are and to love those around you like you can.

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