Honor Reserved

HonorReserved“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends,” John 15:13.

This pew is found inside the iconic Cadet Chapel on the U.S. Air Force Academy  in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is reserved for and pays tribute to those who were lost while offering up their lives in service to their friends and country. The candle in the photo is always burning as a tribute to these brave men and women.

One of the chaplains told me a story of a gentlemen sitting down in this row before one of the services. He approached the man and kindly informed him that the pew was reserved for prisoners of war and the gentleman responded to the chaplain with the fact that he had been a POW and how much he appreciated the reserved seating.

Today is Veterans Day. Thank those in your life who offered up their lives for our freedom.

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