Ancient Queue


I find this image extremely humorous. I know to most it doesn’t look overly funny, but bare with me. This is a picture of the Terracotta Army that has been unearthed near the city of Xi’an, China. This army of clay statues was buried with China’s first emperor. Today the archeologists painstakingly reassemble each warrior from their fragments.

The part I find humorous is that they are placed in these perfect queue lines. Chinese people do not queue. If there is ever the need to queue up, say at a train station for example, the Chinese people will push themselves into every last nook and cranny in the loading area until those trying to get off the train find it nearly impossible to do so. This isn’t a knock, it is how they grew up and it’s the cultural norm. That is precisely why I find this image so odd and humorous. The fact that the Chinese archaeologists put the clay statues in such perfect lines seems at odds with their very culture.

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