Great Wall Sunrise

Great Wall Sunrise

Today is the Chinese New Year and what better way to celebrate than to post one of my favorite photos from our trip to China. This image was taken as the sun rose over The Great Wall – A Great Wall Sunrise.

The Great Wall spans over 5,500 miles and very little of it has been restored. The majority of people who visit the Wall go to one of the restored areas. This image, however, isn’t of a restored area. This is known as the Jiankou section of the Wall. Jiankou is the name of one of the towers along this section. The tower at the top left-hand side of this image is the Zhengbeilou Tower. It is known as a great place for photography.

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  1. Jo Anne Miles says:

    So historically beautiful. Looks scary in what a hike could become. Glad you two were prepared (as much as you could).

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