Frosty Fountain

Frosty Fountain.jpgI’m a southern boy so when I was growing up images like this were of far-flung locations that could only exist near the Northern and Southern poles. Scenes like this seemed to exist more in mythic places like Narnia than in real locations, especially ones that I could one day call home.

In the South, if we got snow it was a dusting and more often it was just ice that we liked to call snow. I now live in Colorado where events like this are more common-place, but I still get excited when the snow starts to fall and my wife and I often refer to how Narnia-esque the places are that we explore.

I took this particular image on the terrace of Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs. There was a heard of Bighorn Sheep milling about the grounds searching for grass under the fresh powder and I had gone out to photograph them when this image caught my eye.

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