Foveaux Strait


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A sign on the southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island points out how far you are from everywhere.

On the southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island lies the oceanic waters of the Foveaux Strait. Across these often rough waters is Stewart Island, the third largest island in the New Zealand archipelago.

When my wife and I embarked on this journey, the ferry ride across these waters lived up to its reputation as having very rough seas. We departed Bluff Township on the tip of the South Island under stormy skies and blustery winds. We soon found that this indeed translated to choppy seas. The ferry takes about an hour to transit the 22 nautical miles across the Strait. I tried to hang on to the back of the boat using one hand to hold on and the other to switch between shooting video with my iPhone (see below) and trying to get some photos of the Albatross soaring over the waves. I was even lucky enough to catch the above photo with my 300mm lens as another ferry-boat passed returning to Bluff.

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