Down the Line


Before my wife and I moved to Colorado, where snow is common (it is snowing as I write this), my wife and I lived in the “snow is more of a mythic thing” part of the United States called Georgia, Atlanta to be specific. Seriously that place is hot and humid. As such this photo was taken at a very unique time for us in Atlanta. This seemingly insignificant event of a few inches of snow literally shut down the major metropolis for several days. Some people were trapped in their cars on the interstate. It was a climate catastrophe.

In Colorado, this amount of snow now seems common place. Snow storms are often celebrated and prayed for. Snow in Colorado means the ski slopes have a fresh coat of powder and the tourist engine for our economy kicks into high gear, but in the deep south it can spell economic ruin. It shuts down roads and airports and the economic engine slows to a crawl. It is a weird dichotomy that these juxtaposed responses to snow even occur much less in the same country.

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