Cold Western Ride



While I am not a hunter I find the idea of living off the land appealing. So when I come across a scene like this one, it compelled me to snap an image and dream about the what-ifs.

I ran across these camouflaged cowboys slogging down the muddy Dark Canyon Trail after a long day of snow falling high in the Colorado Rockies. My wife and I had intended to hike the entire seven miles of the Dark Canyon Loop near Crested Butte, Colorado, but as the mud was knee-high we turned back shortly after setting out.

I am not a fan of riding horses as they have minds of their own and it is a general policy of mine that I don’t put my life in the hands of animals with smaller brains than my own. I wouldn’t call it a fear so much as a self-preservation instinct. My dad was thrown from a horse, or rather the horse rolled over on him and broke his back, so I think my concern is a valid one. Don’t worry he isn’t paralyzed or anything, but over 10 years later it does bother him. Still, when the mud is knee-deep, I would have taken that ride.

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