Coconut Climb


CoconutClimbThis Filipino man climbs a twenty plus foot high coconut tree, bare footed mind you, to pick a few coconuts for me and my friends on the Island of Bantayan. I have had coconut milk before, but this was a very special honor. This was the first fruits of the tree after the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan (a year prior).

Today is Palm Sunday and I think of the celebration that took place when Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem. He came for us out of love, as a gift and the people celebrated His arrival. This image reminds me of that celebration. The group I was with in the Philippines were there to help the people of Bantayan recover and rebuild, but we were honored to be a part of the celebration and partake of the first fruits. The people there gave to us what they had to offer and while it may have appeared to be a miniscule offering, in reality it was one of the best and most loving gifts I have ever received.

Plus coconut trees are in the same family as palm trees so that is a cool coincidence 🙂


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