Buddha of Bayon


BuddhaOfBayonThis is the Bayon Temple Complex in the ancient city of Angkor Thom, located in present day Cambodia. To visitors this is an amazing work of ancient engineering, but to local Buddhists it is an active site of worship.

Angkor Wat may be one of the best known and preserved ruins from the Khmer Empire, but Angkor Thom is set apart as largest ancient city in the greater Angkor area. According to tourismcambodia.com, Angkor Thom’s walls, each about 1.9 miles long, create a 360 acre square enclosure. The walls are surrounded on all sides by a moat carved 328 feet wide. At the center of this massive city stands the astonishing Bayon Temple with its 216 large stone carvings of a face, whom many believe to be the king who commissioned the construction of the temple. You can barely make out about half of one of these gigantic faces about halfway up the tower.

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