Bridging the Clouds


Does this bridge look familiar? Well, check your coin collection. If you’ve got one of the West Virgina U.S quarters then flip it over to the back and you will see the New River Gorge Bridge.

When the bridge was opened in 1977, it was not only the world’s longest steel single-span arch bridge, but it was also the highest vehicular bridge. One of the most unusual things about this bridge is that it has an annual festival, “Bridge Day,” that takes place on it. The bridge is closed down every year for the festival. Bungee jumping and base jumping off the bridge are big draws.

The early morning mists rise from the river 876 feet below, making the structure look like it bridges the clouds together.

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  1. Trying hard to remember exact details, but I had met your mother and we were dating about ’75 or so when pat hall and I went to florida for part of a summer. We had talked to a recruiter looking for iron workers to work on that bridge and we spoke to him at length. They were offering phenomenal wages for that time. Maybe 18.00 hr ? when the minimum wage had just jumped from $1.60 to $2.00 hr ? The interesting part was that for a short phase of the construction the job was bid at a death-a-day. . . Unheard of in our western safety first society today. We were both excited about being employed for the project but had no relative skills whatsoever. Beautiful photo son, well captured.

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