Bridging Oceans

Bridging Oceans
This is the Pedro Miguel Lock on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal.

You are looking at a crossroads between land and sea, ocean and ocean, and really the world. The bridge in the background is the Centennial Bridge that allows Panama City, Panama’s traffic to cross over the historic Panama Canal. From this road, you can eventually explore all of North America (given the proper visas anyways). Yet, as important as the Centennial Bridge is, its importance seems insignificant when compared to the Panama Canal.

The Panama Canal is the most important waterway in the world. It brings the riches of the world through it and to the country of Panama. This is the long sought after passageway between Europe and Asia, bridging our planet’s two largest oceans. This single passageway can cut up to 5,000 miles off of a ship’s voyage around South America, saving as much as two weeks in travel time. This time savings allows exotic foods from all corners of the planet to be delivered around the world while they are still fresh. The Panama Canal is responsible for much of our modern world’s way of life.

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