Bishop’s Tower


The rocky spires and twisted metal that make up Bishop’s Castle are a testament to what one man, with sheer will and stubborn fortitude, is able to accomplish in a life time. This castle is found in the semi-remote San Isabel National Forest in Colorado.

The first two floors of the Castle feel very sturdy and have beautiful architecture complete with stain glass windows and a wrought iron balcony that circles the entire second floor. Above the second floor, the castle turns into a death-defying madhouse where each tower seems to challenge the sanity of not only its creator, but those of us who choose to climb it’s mangled structure. The crowning glory being a 160′ tower that culminates in a spire that only has enough space for one person to stand. Little more than a few tiny pieces of wrought iron come to a point above you to hold onto and comfort you while enjoying the view in this vertigo inducing position.

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