Ancient Sunrise

AngkorWat's Sunrise

The legendary Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia has been a dream destination of mine for years. I finally got to go in October of 2014 and I must say that it didn’t let me down. Siem Reap, which is the present day city that the temple ruins lie in and around, is very much a tourist town. It is very easy for foreigners to navigate through although don’t expect American tourism. This is still a third world country. I loved everything about this area, with the only exception being the thick humidity. The people are extremely friendly and the history of this place seems to seep out of every nook and cranny. The Angkor Wat temple is very large and takes several hours to explore. The other surrounding temples, which are very much worth exploring, take several additional days. Sunrise is a madhouse at Angkor Wat. Tourists line up elbow-to-elbow for about 75 feet on this side of the pictured pond and about 5 rows deep. If you choose to go for sunrise, get there early.

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