Aircraft Cross

Aircraft CrossThe Air Force Academy Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado is an amazing structure. The architect, Walter Netsch, was a visionary. He undertook creating a facility out of aluminum as it is the construction material for Air Force jets. He also wanted the triangular shape of the structure to reflect the trinity. The 1″ thick stained glass lights up the space with a natural glow that goes from a darker tint in the back of the chapel to a lighter tint as you approach the pulpit area. This creates a subtle effect that really draws focus to the cross shown in this image.

The aircraft cross is 46′ tall and is made of aircraft aluminum, designed to mimic propeller blades. The nature of an aluminum building allows it to flex in the wind. I was told by the chaplain that when the building was first completed the building’s flexibility caused the cross to sway substantially and that it was making people nauseous during the services. As a result, the tip of the cross is now tied down to the ground to reduce the sway. It is an amazing structure that shouldn’t be missed if you ever find yourself in Colorado Springs.

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