1 Year Celebratory Explosion


ExplosiveCelebrationA year ago today I made my first post on MomentsBeyond and committed to doing a new post every day for a year. I hope you have all enjoyed the photos I have put out there and the bits of insight I have on each one.

I have decided to go into the next phase of MomentsBeyond with an easier commitment. I am going to start doing a post every other day (after all, I need time to actually travel and shoot these images).

I hope you all have enjoyed the last 365 images and will continue to enjoy the next 182.

By the way this “celebratory” photo is a picture of a friend of mine getting blown off a 55-gallon trash can on the fourth of July many years ago. We put two large motor shell fireworks underneath it. What can I say… we were dumb, but it sure was fun. Don’t try this at home 🙂

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