Nomadic Life – Week 7

Nomadic Life – Week 7 finds us still located in hot Tennessee. You have to have certain documents to get a license in the state of Tennessee and we are still waiting on some of those documents to arrive. Not exactly living the nomadic life at the moment. We are, however, having a nice time visiting with family. On the plus side, our auto insurance has been cut in half. Tennessee is much friendlier to big trucks than Colorado when it comes to insurance. I guess it is all those hail storms Colorado gets. Sorry Coloradoan friends.

Pinson Mounds

An aerial view of the Pinson Mounds. The one on the left is an actual mound. The one in the upper right is the more modern visitor center.

On Saturday we went to the Pinson Indian Mounds State Park in Pinson, Tennessee. The mounds are pretty cool. They are thought to have been constructed by the Native Americans in this region almost 2,000 years ago. Unfortunately, it was hot and hiking for very long wasn’t a good idea. We enjoyed the museum and the main mound before calling it a day and heading back for air-conditioning.

25 years

Sunday we celebrated my mother and stepfather’s 25th wedding anniversary. A lot changes in 25-years. Those haircuts in the wedding photos were crazy.

YOLOM Upgrades

3 layers of butt cushion goodness!
Needed a place to keep all those gas “loyalty” cards. The things we do to save $.03 at the pump.

Monday started a work week. We still needed to do a few upgrades to YOLOM. We got new foam for our couch cushions and I added a layer of a yoga mat and pillow stuffing giving them 3 layers of comfort. We also added a cardholder to the cab to hold things like gas card memberships and our coveted Annual National Park Pass. The last of the additions is a bug net for our awning. It is so nice to sit outside in these beautiful nomadic locations, but getting eaten alive by the resident insect population is the worst. Therefore… bug net! I hope these are the last of the renovations needed on YOLOM for a while.

New bug net.

While we were stationary I also decided to thaw out the fridge and bleach the gray water tank. Easy enough tasks when not traveling but difficult to do when out on the road. It was a bit early for both but I took the opportunity given our static state.


Minor League baseball game.

On Wednesday night we went to a local minor league baseball game with friends of my parents. It was good fun and the home team won.

Nomad Ready

Sad day. No longer a Coloradoan.

We got our driver licenses and the registration on the vehicle finished up on Friday and then started preparing to head back out on the road. Sunday was the set day and we have exciting plans to get to in the near future. See you out on the road!

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    1. Thanks Karen! We may come see you in a few months if that is okay. Our travels will be taking us to the northeast soon.

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