Nomadic Life – Week 6

Nomadic Life – Week 6

A huge longhorn stares me down during the Dodge City Day’s cattle drive.

We woke up early from our Walmart accommodations in Dodge City, Kansas. Hurriedly, we packed up the camper and headed to Wyatt Earp Boulevard to see the Longhorn Cattle Drive through town. Arriving almost an hour early the crowds were still small. Over the next hour, the entire street was swamped in with pedestrians. This was the place to be in Dodge City. This was the start of our Nomadic Life – Week 6 and I have to say not anything I had envisioned when we started out six weeks earlier.

The Cattle Drive

The steel artwork that hangs on the street posts is elaborate in Dodge City.

The Longhorns were an impressive sight to see. The juxtaposition of such an ancient practice with an IHOP and an AutoZone in the background was odd, but still very enjoyable. After the cattle had passed by and the pooper scoopers had removed the droppings we packed up our foldable chairs into YOLOM and went to leave. The odd thing was that amongst the throngs of bystander’s we were the only ones moving. We enquired as to if there was something else happening worth sticking around for. The response was that the cattle would return once they had hit the edge of the boulevard and been turned around. We took this opportunity to walk about the ancient cowboy town and see some of the town’s sites. After nearly an hour of walking, we had seen the town and the cattle had yet to return so we decided to pack it up and mosey on.

An ancient practice known as the cattle drive is an odd sight in the modern landscape of Dodge City, Kansas.


Onward to Missouri

Sometimes free camping isn’t the cleanest. I don’t understand why people are so trashy.

We headed east and it was a long push through cattle land dotted with wind turbines and water towers. The uneventful afternoon was capped off with crossing into Missouri near Jasper. We found a free camping spot in the woods just off the road and called it a night.

Pushing Through Missouri to Tennessee

The Ford F-250 crosses the 100,000-mile mark halfway through Missouri.

Sunday I awoke sick. I had apparently gotten a cold from our friends in Colorado Springs. It was a hot day and seeing as our camper doesn’t have AC there was no choice, but to push on. We stopped in Springfield, Missouri and got a shower at the Planet Fitness. Then we continued on our journey towards Tennessee. We had one major event on this day. The F-250 part of YOLOM crossed the 100,000-mile mark.

We arrived at my sister’s house in the early evening. We unpacked everything out of the U-haul trailer and then headed for my mom’s house, where I crashed and tried to recover from my cold.

The Work Week

This entire week was a work week, but first I had to recover from my cold. On Monday, between bouts of sleeping, I attempted to work on the website. I had some luck and got the Three Lakes Loop post finished up and off on Tuesday morning.

I was feeling better on Tuesday so after work we headed back over to my sister’s house where we grilled out and had a good time roughhousing with her kids.

A Trip back to T-mobile

Wednesday we had to finalize our cellular plan. It took forever (several hours) to get things worked out, but Jennifer is now on T-mobile (truly unlimited data via the hotspot) and I am still at Verizon (Verizon still has better connectivity in the most places). I hope that Verizon will soon offer a truly unlimited plan or that T-mobile acquires Sprint and has more availability. Right now we are at my mom’s house where the Verizon works, but the T-mobile doesn’t.


Zaxby’s is our favorite southern restaurant chain.

After sorting the cellular we visited our favorite southern restaurant chain, Zaxby’s. I have missed this place, but I am probably a thinner person for Colorado not having any. Hard to beat that Zax sauce!

Repairs on YOLOM

On Thursday I had to take care of a leak in YOLOM. We got into a hail storm on day 2 of our nomadic life. The hail cracked the skylight dome in our camper and has leaked ever since. Nothing too concerning, but it rains a lot in Tennessee so it is more pressing here than it was in Colorado. At any rate, a little RV ProFlex fixed the problem. We are once again watertight.

Photos and Chiggers

A beautiful summer landscape full of chiggers.

To finish out our Nomadic Life – Week 6 my sister wanted to do family photos while we were in town. So on Friday we went to a local farm and proceeded to have our photo taken in a field and get eaten up with chiggers. Multitasking is the best! Jennifer and I currently look as if we have the chickenpox. Tennessee isn’t the best place to visit during the hot summer months.

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  1. Vicky says:

    Great adventure. Nothing like watching long horns walk down the street. Rare site for some. Enjoyed the pictures. Almost like being there myself. It appears you will need a variety of bug repellent and first aid items to counter all the bug bites and invasions. Too funny. Thanks for the chuckle.

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