Nomadic Life in Washington DC – Week 18

Nomadic Life in Washington DC – Week 18

Our Nomadic Life – Washington DC edition was spent visiting family and exploring the area. We took the opportunity to rest after many weeks of non-stop nomadic adventures. The week was spent watching scary movies and shows on Netflix as it was the week of Halloween and that is what you do. We managed to watch the entire season of The Haunting of Hill House which is excellent if you haven’t seen it.

Downtown D.C.

The Washington National Cathedral.

On Sunday we went to the downtown area in D.C. and explored the Washington National Cathedral as well as the Theodore Roosevelt Island and monument located in the middle of the Potomac River. I have been to D.C. several times in the past but this was my first time visiting Roosevelt Island. This is odd since Teddy is one of those people I would want to meet if given the chance to have a meal with any 5 people in history. This is a game I’ve played to get to know people. You can tell a lot about a person’s values based on the answers given to that question.

Theodore Roosevelt

Statue of Theodore Roosevelt
Jennifer gives the 26th president of the United States Theodore Roosevelt a high five.

Roosevelt is an odd historical figure. His record on the anti-trust acts and conservation makes him a hero to many who would dam him for his hawkish military stances and the way he pushed the Panama Canal into existence. Meanwhile, those who would otherwise worship the man for his stance on carrying “a big stick” and pushing the US into a leadership role on the world stage dislike the amount of power he drew to the presidency and the federal government. He was a politician that irked not only the rival party but his own. I wonder what he would think about our current political climate. While I think the two would disagree on many things I think he would fit in well with the likes of Donald Trump… loved by many but hated by both political parties.

Theodore Roosevelt Island Memorial

Two people walk along a boardwalk through the trees.
Part of the walking trail around Theodore Roosevelt Island is a very nice boardwalk. The other half is a muddy trail.

At any rate, the memorial is very nice with a statue of Roosevelt, beautiful fountains and many of his quotations etched in marble. The walk around the island is an appropriate way to honor the legacy of our 26th president. The planes flying right over the island landing at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport make it hard to forget that the park is surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the capital. Still, this is a very nice oasis in the metropolis.

The National Mall after Dark

The Washington Monument reflects off the water of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
The Washington Monument shines like a beacon of freedom in the night and reflects off the water of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

On Thursday night we ventured back into the heart of DC and walked the National Mall after dark. I have been to the Mall several times but this was the first time at night. The monuments all lit up and glowing on the reflecting pool was beautiful. It was cloudy that night so while we didn’t get any stars, the light pollution reflected off the clouds lighting up the night sky. This was especially the case at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

A stone statue of Martin Luther King Jr.
The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is inspiring. The inscription of the side of the monument reads “Out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.”

I love the MLK memorial. The image of the reverend protruding from an unfinished piece of stone, looking across the waters of the Tidal Basin at the Jefferson Memorial is a powerful one. The statue, like the man, is calling on the nation to fulfill Jefferson’s writings to become a nation where “All men are created equal.” Regardless of where you stand on how the country has fulfilled that goal over the last half-century all of us should be able to agree that this quest is a noble one. That all of mankind being created equal “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Our Nations Capital

I have a love-hate relationship with our nation’s capital. I find inspiration in the memorials we have erected here to honor the great leaders and heroes of our country’s short history. Yet, some of those who currently “serve” in this place are often some (some not all) of the vilest beings on the planet. Those who seek power, not for the betterment of our country but themselves. There was a time when political service was just that service to their fellow citizens and our great nation. For many, it is now a lifelong pursuit for prestige and power.

Be an Educated Electorate

I pray that with every election cycle that we can start to change this and put inspiring leaders back in our nation’s and states’ capitals. Men and women of vision who seek the betterment of the American people and not their political standing. I urge each of you to use your constitutional power and vote but do so as an educated electorate. It is hard to find the truth in the muddy waters of our noisy political landscape but it is out there. Things in our country won’t get better if we keep sending the same type of politically motivated people to D.C. to represent a country of individuals who are often anything but political.

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  1. Well those are some spectacular photos! Especially that one high-fiving Roosevelt, I feel like finding statues all around the world to take photos with either high-fiving or fist-bumping. And I could not agree more with the educated electorate part, that is integral in the future success of our great nation!

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