Nomadic Life – Week 17 – Maine to D.C.

Nomadic Life – Week 17

Saturday was our last day in Acadia and we planned to make the most of it. We were up early and at the Thunder Hole for sunrise. The Thunder Hole is a small cave at the end of a narrow inlet that when the tide is just right it creates a thunderous sound as the waves fill the cavern and push the air out in a Thunderclap. It was an extremely windy morning and the waves were larger than we had anticipated. The Thunder Hole was already over its peak water point and so we missed it. We came back later in the day and got a glimpse of what the formation is capable of. The sunrise was lackluster as well. The horizon was covered in thick clouds and so we didn’t get much of a sunrise. It was still nice to be on the water early in the morning and hear the massive waves crashing against the rocky coastline.

Beehive/Gorham Loop Trail

Jennifer climbing a few of the many metal rungs along the Difficult Route up Beehive Mountain in Acadia National Park.

After the lack of a sunrise, we set off to do one of Acadia’s loop hikes. This one took us up the front side of what is known as the Beehive. It is also considered the difficult side and requires hikers to use steel rungs to traverse certain places on the mountainside. Jennifer was reluctant to do the hike at first but quickly fell in love with the challenge and beauty of this amazing climb. This is a trail I would expect to find more at home in China. We loved every minute of it. Taking the accent really slow aloud us to take in every stunning view along the way. There were very few people on the trail this early in the morning. Later in the day, we spotted a steady stream climbing up the mountainside. It looked more like a long queue than a hiking trail. I recommend going early if you plan to take on this adventure.

The Bowl & Gorham Mountain

The view west from the summit of Gorham Mountain in Acadia National Park.

After summiting the Beehive we continued the loop around to The Bowl which is a lake located in Acadia’s high country. The loop skims the lake before descending the backside of the mountain. We then climbed Gorham Mountain and were nearly blown off this mountaintop. The winds were crazy! I had a hard time standing in some areas. We quickly made our way down the other side of Gorham back to the eastern shores of Acadia.

Ocean Path

The rugged eastern coast of Mount Desert Island inside Acadia National Park.

From here we decided to add on the Ocean Path trail. This led us to the tip of Otter Point. The hike more or less parallels the road but stays closer to the ocean cliffs and is a very nice trail. Lots of people on this one.

Duck Brook Bridge

The bridge over Duck Brook is one of the many bridges that are a part of the Carriage Roads inside Acadia National Park.

After returning to YOLOM for a quick lunch we drove the park loop and finished out the day with a stop at the Duck Brook Bridge which is the largest and perhaps most picturesque of the Carriage Roads stone bridges.

A Week of Alone Time

On Sunday morning I dropped Jennifer at the Bangor Airport. She had to fly across the country to Oregon for a company retreat. We had to work this into our schedule a few weeks ago and as such there was no time to wait around in Maine for her return. We are meeting up at the end of the week in Washington, DC. For now, it is me, YOLOM and the open road.

The Plan

The Maine forecast is calling for snow later this week so I am making like the fall trees and leafing… HA! I am avoiding the giant metropolis that is Boston – Washington and taking backroads over the Appalachian Mountains.

Chesterfield Gorge

I love stumbling across beautiful pieces of nature that I never would have known existed if I wasn’t a nomad.

The rest of the week really consisted of me driving and stopping in random places. The first day I made it to the town of Windham, Maine. Monday I pushed through New Hampshire, Vermont and into the north-west corner of Massachusetts to a little town called North Adams. The highlight of the day was stopping for lunch at the Chesterfield Gorge. This is a small but stunningly beautiful gorge in New Hampshire.

The Catskills

On Tuesday I crossed into New York State and skirted the edge of the Catskill Mountains. It was an overcast day and the peak of Autumn had already passed through. I continued on to the small town of Ellenville where I called it an early day.

The Hawk’s Nest

New York state’s Hawk’s Nest Road twists along the mountainside as it follows the curve of the Delaware River.

On Wednesday I drove down to the scenic byway that parallels the Delaware River. There is a gorgious stretch of road here that hugs the cliff edge known as the Hawk’s Nest. It was an overcast and windy day. I really wanted to fly the drone over this area. Tomorrow is forecasted to be sunny and less windy so I found a spot just on the other side of the river in Pennsylvania to call it an early day. I returned to the Hawk’s Nest late the next morning. The day was not as advertised. It was still very windy and mostly cloudy. I got a few decent shots off while trying not to freeze to death and then decided to head on down the road.

Dingman Falls

I had the entire trail to and from Dingman Falls all to myself.

My next destination was Dingmans Falls inside the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. To my surprise, this park was shuttered for the winter. The road is still open to travel, but all the visitor centers and facilities have not only been closed but in some cases barricaded. The road to the waterfall parking was barricaded. I assumed this was to keep from needing to maintain the area during the winter. The barricades had no information other than that the road was closed for the season so I parked and hiked in to see the waterfalls. I may have been wrong in my ascertain that this was acceptable. I didn’t see another soul for nearly 3-hours. It was extremely creepy to hike along large boardwalks intended for the hordes of visitors with no one else in sight.

The waterfalls themselves both Dingman and Silverthread Falls were stunningly gorgious and surrounded by fall colors. I am still astonished that during the beauty of this season a place like this would already be shut down.

On to D.C.

Friday was spent on the remaining long push into the D.C. area. I arrived in the dark on rainy roads which isn’t my favorite driving condition but hey I made it safely. I passed a wreck on the curvy roads of two vehicles that couldn’t say the same. No one appeared to be injured but the vehicles weren’t in good shape. Jennifer arrived from Washington, State earlier that evening. We are here visiting family for the next week.

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