Full-Time Travel Budget – 1st Year as Nomads


Jennifer and I want to be transparent about how we live and what it costs to live the full-time nomadic lifestyle. This is our first year of full-time travel. If you have questions about anything let us know. Ask anything. We won’t be offended. We are still learning and we know things will change. This is our full-time travel budget and real expenses for the first year of life on the road.

Our full-time lifestyle is a minimalistic one, but we do like to splurge on entertainment & sometimes food. We wish we could afford to do more of both. This is our full-time travel budget in real numbers but obviously depending on what you travel in, where you stay, what you eat, and where you visit will all factor into the cost of living on the road. It can be done cheaper and you could very easily spend way more

Why are we putting this here?

Our goal is to inspire some out there to rethink the way you are living your life. We only live once and although it may be difficult we are free, at least in America, to make our hopes and dreams a reality. Your dream may not be like ours but it might be. I hope that this entire website inspires people to rethink what is possible.

July 2018 – June 2019 Travel Expenses

Full-Time Travel Budget & Expenses
Jan thru June 2019 Expenses
Full-time travel expenses for July 2018 - Pie Chart
1st month as full-time nomads and under budget!
Nomad travel expenses for August 2018 - Pie Chart
I bought a new GoPro. It put us over on the business expenses.
September 2018 expenses Pie Chart
September was a little rough with some surprise camper maintenance and Canadian gas prices.
Expenses for October 2018 - Pie Chart
Gas in Canada is expensive. Still managed to be under budget though. It can be done!
Full-time travel expenses for November 2018 - Pie Chart
Under budget and by a lot! Thanksgiving meant we had free places to stay and a lot of good home cooked meals.
December 2018 expense Pie Chart
We paid our six-month vehicle insurance this month. Add in the majority of the holiday presents for loved ones and we were over budget for the month, but still on budget for the year. That’s a win!

January 2019 Pie Chart
We spent the entire month in Florida enjoying the sunny weather and the nice campgrounds.
Nomad travel expenses for February 2019 -  Pie Chart
In February we busted one of the calipers on the truck. I also chose to do some repairs to YOLOM while we were parked at a friends house. 8 months on the road can be rough on a camper.
March 2019 Pie Chart
We got hit with some dental work needing to be done. Not in the budget really but we tightened our belt and stayed fairly close for the month.
April 2019 Pie Chart
April saw another unexpected Truck Maintenance issue. This time it was a spark plug cap that went bad. We decided to replace all the spark plugs while the repair was done.
May 2019 Pie Chart
May got away from us a bit. We had a rather large expense in the form of an amazing backpacking trip to Havasu Falls but right at the end of the month, we had a surprise towing bill after getting the truck stuck in knee-high mud. 🙁
June 2019 Pie Chart
June was a month of trying to save money to make up for our massive overspending in May. Unfortunately, we had already reserved a lot of accommodations for the start of our summer adventures so the only way to save money was to cut our eating out. We did okay but couldn’t save the entire years budget.

Conclusion for our 1st Year’s Full-Time Travel Budget

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While we didn’t meet our goal of $80/day, I still believe that this is an achievable goal. Our numbers were heavily skewed by one very large vacation expense and a stupid decision that got us stuck in the mud with a hefty tow bill. Still, $83.26/day for two adults to travel and live on the road full-time isn’t too bad. Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you think that is too expensive or are you rethinking what it costs to live in a traditional way?

Going into year 2 we will update our expenses every 6-months. We will also be increasing our daily budget to cover our desired lifestyle so look for that information here in the future.

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