Yucca Stalk

Yucca Stalk & Plant

From afar a Yucca plant doesn’t look all that interesting or inviting, but up close this plant holds many intricate secrets. The closer you get, the more you’ll discover about the beauty of this plant.

Start with the long pointy leaves and notice the various shades of green and yellow and then how the shadows play to make a dynamic image. The twirling white fibers add an almost delicate component to this otherwise sturdy plant. Then there’s the flower stalk in the middle that can reach 1-3 feet high and produces a cluster of soft flowers. The stalk regrows every year and when in bloom, the flowers remind me of percussion sleigh bells. The images in this post were taken in early spring as the stalk starts to climb towards the sky in preparation for flowering.

Not only is the Yucca visually impressive, but the variety of uses for this one plant is astounding. Different parts of the plant can be eaten, provide medicine, create soap, and even be made into shoes. Say what you will, this plant knows how to survive and serve a purpose to those who need it.

Yucca StalkYucca Stalk closeup

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  1. larryzb says:

    Glad you called attention to the many uses of this plant.

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