Yosemite Field


Looking out across the valley floor of Yosemite National Park as the early morning mist still lightly covers the ground. This valley has sparked the imagination of many artists and poets. According to history.com, in 1864 Yosemite became the worlds first piece of land to be intrusted and protected by a state. That was eight years before Yellowstone would officially become the world’s first national park, sparking the world-wide endeavour to set aside natural landscapes for the enjoyment of all generations. This is the powerful legacy that this landscape helped to inspire.

That small trickle coming off the sheer granite wall is actually Yosemite Falls. In the early summer this waterfall is fed by snow melt and swells to about 10 times this width as it roars down the cliff side. In October, when I took this image, it had become a subdued shadow of itself.

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