Yellow Snow – Fall Colors in Crested Butte

Yellow Snow

A different kind of yellow snow… This is a photo of two seasons colliding. Last year, Jake and I took an unbelievable trip to see the fall colors in Crested Butte and the surrounding area. We camped right next to Lost Lake Slough near Crested Butte and bundled up (literally with everything we brought) to sleep the night away in our 3-season tent (not for winter).

We woke to a layer of frost on the tent and an incredible view of Lost Lake Slough. The aspen trees were in their prime, and the sky was crystal blue, yet the landscape was covered in snow. We headed off on a fantastic 3-mile hike on the Three Lakes Trail, the trailhead being only a short walk away. As the sun began to warm us up and light up the snow, it created the opportunity for this unique photo. A bright yellow aspen leaf, on alabaster snow, with snowflakes melting into dew as the sun hit it. A perfect example of being in the right place at the right time.

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  1. Karen Annie says:

    So. Beautiful. So glad you and Jake were a letter see and enjoy all of it.

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