Vibrant Indian Paintbrush

Vibrant Indian Paintbrush

It is finally summer in Colorado…well, maybe. Earlier this week we had a cold snap and it was back down into the 40’s we go. Seriously, I was wearing a sweater in late June. Global warming?… I’m just asking. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think pollution is a good thing. Alas, it is summer and the wildflowers are blooming once again in the high country. Summer here is short, but the wildflowers are diverse and stunning. One of my favorite wildflowers is the politically incorrect, but extremely vibrant, Indian Paintbrush. I am actually very surprised some overly politically correct movement hasn’t jumped on this cause and attempted to do away with this archaic name. Truth be told I would probably be for it, not because I think it should be called the Native American Paintbrush, which still sounds condescending to me, but because I really like its lesser known common name—the Prairie-Fire.

2 thoughts on “Vibrant Indian Paintbrush

  1. Both names are good. Why change either one? A beautiful flower either way.

    In high elevation areas, mornings can be cool even in the summer months. This is very noticeable in the Lake Tahoe area. The high may get to 80 or more and the next morning the low can be 35 degrees.

    Do not worry over global warming. The sun will settle down and the warming will go away. It was not really man after all.

    1. I’m not advocating changing the name, just shocked no one has. I like the name, but you got to admit that prairie fire sounds so cool.

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