Take It All In

Take It All In

The Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park is one of those iconic rock formations that most people have seen a photograph of, even if they don’t know where it is located. The arch is often photographed with little context. If you look on the left side of the above image you can see the precarious nature of the arch as it sits perched on the cliff wall. The other side of this rock is a sheer drop off. The landscape below stretches out across the deep canyon created by the Colorado River. This is an unforgiving area with little sign of human intervention. The few paved park roads and major trails get some traffic, but not nearly as much as many parks the world over. Get on the trails that venture away from the paved roads and you may not see another person for days.

If you are brave enough you can venture out onto the vertigo inducing arch. The rock arch is uneven, but wide enough for relatively safe transit for a very memorable experience. Just don’t get too comfortable as there are no safety measures here and we would hate it if someone falling caused the park service to ban it for everyone.

My daring wife poses for a photo on top of Mesa Arch.

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