Sun Setting Arch

Sun Setting Arch

Since we don’t do weekend posts, this will be my last post of 2017—the sun setting post as it were. I took this image as the sun set behind us at the Delicate Arch formation in Arches National Park. This is one of my favorite vistas on the planet. The way the red rock catches the light and the stunning white-capped La Sal Mountains makes for a view that is hard to beat. High on my to do list is to spend the night here on a moonless night. To see our galactic neighborhood from this vantage point is a dream that hopefully will come true in 2018.

This year seems to have flown by like no other before it. It seems like just yesterday I was writing the last post of 2016 and now here we are getting ready to venture into 2018. I hope 2017 has treated you all well. For NomadicMoments it has been a year of trying to branch out and reach more people. We are trying to continue to capture and share beautiful photos with all of you, but we are also attempting to tell better stories and inspire you to get out and explore our beautiful world. We are also attempting to create guides from our own adventures to help you to that end. Sometimes the thing that stands most in our way of seeing the world is the time to plan to do it and so we are trying to help with that. I hope you all have felt that, but honestly, our biggest obstacle to being able to help others is simply one of connection. People have to come to our site, Facebook or Instagram pages for us to impart with them the information we have. We have hoped that this would grow more than it has so we are asking you for your help. If you like the content we provide here please share it on your social media platforms. We are attempting to make that as easy as possible by putting sharing icons at the bottom of every post. We hope people would find what we are putting out there inspirational.

Ours is a beautiful world full of gorgeous and unique landscapes with peculiar and interesting creatures. We live in a time where the corners and crevices of this planet are more accessible than ever to more of the population than ever. And despite what the media would have you believe, for the most part, it is safer than ever. I feel extremely blessed that Jennifer and I have been able to travel as much as we have, but beauty can be found all around us and far too often we neglect that. If you financially can’t see the 7 Wonders of the World, find the 7 wonders of your country, state, or county. If you physically can’t go to these places than I hope this website and others like it act as a window to our world for you and that you would share that window with others so that they might find inspiration for their journeys.

It’s not only places and wildlife that inspire, but people and cultures do as well. You’ll never know where others are coming from with dissenting viewpoints if you have never taken the time go to where they are. You can’t understand someone who grew up in the projects if you have never spent time in the projects. You’ll never understand extreme poverty and the resilience of humanity if you have never spent time in the slums. You’ll never understand crazy people like me who like to spend days of solitude in the woods if you don’t spend time on the trails away from all the sounds and lights of our modern world. You’ll never understand rednecks (like the people I grew up with) if you have never spent time sipping sweet tea, driving around in a pickup truck and hunting animals in the woods for food. Travel has a way of opening our eyes to the plight and cultural challenges of others that no amount of ranting on the internet, radio or TV ever could, but here I am ranting about not ranting on the internet so with that:

I hope 2018 is full of amazing, eye-opening adventures for all of you. See you next year.

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  1. Thank y’all both not only for another wonderful year, the art, visual, and written. Emotion, caring, sharing, inspiration, challenging. Life does seem to accelerate and the new year no exception but please continue to help us be involved in it.
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