Standing in Reflection

standing-in-reflectionOne of my favorite things to do is to take people I love to the places I love. So when my Mom and aunt came to visit me in Colorado I knew that the view from Aspen’s Maroon Lake of the Maroon Bells had to be on the itinerary.

We arrived in the parking lot before the sun rose on a very cold autumn morning. You can see a little ice at the bottom of the photo. The ice formed along the edges of the entire lake.

One of the perks of getting started early is that we almost had the place to ourselves. If you arrive after 8:00am you have to ride a public bus from Aspen but before then you can almost drive right up to the lake. We only ran into two other people while we were shivering away, awaiting the rising sun. One of the other visitors was wearing a bright yellow coat that really stood out in the scene. I liked the contrast so much I think I’m going to buy my wife one to carry in the camera bag (even thought she hates yellow). 🙂

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