Providence Tree

ProvidenceTree Georgia’s Providence Canyon State Park, also known locally as the Little Grand Canyon, is a landscape that seems to have been transplanted from one of the U.S.’s southwestern states.

The Canyon was created by the forces of nature, but only after nature was given a foothold by bad farming practices in the early 1800’s. The top soil was stripped away in places and as a result the water was able to cut through the soil. It is a spectacular man-made disaster. The Canyon’s gullies are as deep as 150 feet. This park is a true testament of the power of erosion and how quickly it can shape the land. The rim trail can be easily walked in a few hours. My wife and I backpacked into the Canyon and overnighted. This image was taken from the backcountry.

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  1. Jo Anne Miles says:

    Another great photography. In the past have walked this trail – so beautiful!

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