New Direction

Sorry for being absent last week with no warning or explanation. I caught the flu while on a business trip and it put me down for the week. I hope you all are able to avoid that experience this year. It has been several years since I’ve had the influenza virus and I can tell I am getting older. Either that or this was a very severe strain. It took me 6 days to get back on my feet. It also could be that I came down with the flu while on a business trip so I pushed my body pretty hard for 2 days after feeling the symptoms in order to finish up the event I was managing. It is probably a little bit of all of the above.

New Direction
Taken along Maroon Creek Road. On our way back from a trip visiting Maroon Lake.

We have now completed three years here at NomadicMoments and I am once again thinking about the purpose of the website. Over the past year, I’ve intended to share more adventures and give more guides. I find that the original desire to do a post every day gets in the way of developing the more in-depth content I now want to focus on. With that in mind, I will be trying some different things over the coming months. The daily posts won’t be a priority any longer, but I’m not cutting them out entirely. I want to focus on the stories and guides for a while. I hope you all continue to walk this journey with us and share it with your friends. To the road ahead, and the adventures we find together.

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