Mountainous Beech

Mountainous BeechMy wife and I had been tramping along on the Routeburn Track in New Zealand for nearly the entire day. The majority of this trail is covered in Beech tree forest. It was a crystal clear day, perfect for a backpacking trip in the Southern Alps.

Late in the afternoon a few clouds started rolling in and we came to the grassy open area known as the “Orchard.” So named because of the Ribbonwood trees spaced out in the field reminiscent of an orchard. It was here that I turned to see this lone beech tree clinging to the mountain’s edge. It was gorgeously backlit by the late sunlight. Add in the looming peaks slightly shrouded by the impending rain clouds and it painted a literal picture perfect scene. It was a great way to close out our first day of backpacking in New Zealand.




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