Fungi Forest

A cluster of Bootlace mushrooms grow among the dense plant life in a New Zealand rain forest.

New Zealand’s southwest coast is inundated with massive amounts of rain every year. The southern part of Mount Aspiring National Park is no exception. This area is where the Routeburn Track is located and 8,000mm (315 inches) of rain fall a year is not unheard of here. All this water makes for extremely lush forests with a vast assortment of the color green. Seriously until you have been in this type of rain forest you have no idea there are so many shades of green.

Along with all this water and abundance of green is a massive amount of fungi that call this predominantly Beech Tree forest home. The mushrooms that grow on and around the trees serve a vital role in this ecosystem. They provide nitrates for the soil that is necessary for healthy trees and they also help to breakdown the structure of decaying wood.

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