Frosty Notchtop Mountain

Frosty Notchtop Mountain

Snowshoeing is one of my favorite winter activities. I love the solitude and clean look of a landscape covered in white. It is amazing how noisy crowded summer trails turn into a calm, frozen, and secluded oasis in the winter. In this image is a frosty Notchtop Mountain, a very well-known mountain located in Rocky Mountain National Park.

In the foreground is the Two Rivers Lake which is a lesser known body of water in this park. This is located very close to the extremely popular Lake Helene. In the summer you don’t even have access to Two Rivers Lake from the main trail. You pass right by it through the dense evergreen forest. But in the winter the snow shoe trail leads right across the top of the frozen lake on the way to the terminus at Lake Helene.

If you are inexperienced and you do decide to make a snowshoeing trek, make sure you are good with a compass and have a reliable map as trails in exposed areas can disappear with a good gust of wind. I like to use the app, but you still need some good navigational sense as the trails on the app are summer trails and aren’t accurate for winter trails. Be safe, but also be adventurous. Life is short and you only live once. If you aren’t good with direction, take a friend who is.

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