Jatropha Tree Flower

Hey! Happy December everyone!

I hope you all had a great and restful Thanksgiving holiday. Jennifer and I were actually traveling for the majority of the month. Not very restful, but we have had fun. I had a job event in Florida for a few weeks and then we remained in Florida to spend some time with family over the holiday. If you follow us on Instagram you probably already knew that we have been traveling. If you don’t follow us… you should 🙂 I have added an Instagram feed at the bottom of the blog, or you can also follow us directly through the Instagram app @nomadicmoment.

Anyways, with our travels around Florida in mind and the fact that we are headed into the Christmas season, I give you this red and green Florida flower. This is actually the tiny bloom of a Jatropha tree, but I found it in Punta Gorda, Florida so it is a Florida flower. I love the way the vibrant red petals pop against the green leaves. The Jatropha tree flower is an intricate display of complimentary holiday color.

Florida Flower

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  1. MARK HYRE says:

    i remember you taking this, was great seeing you and jennifer.

  2. Karen Annie says:

    I agree. Absolutely beautiful. Truly Christmas Red and Green. So glad you and Jennifer have fun, safe travels.

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