Double O


This is Double O Arch, so named because of the two arches stacked one on top of the other within the same rock fin. The top arch is obviously the larger of the two and has a 70′ wide opening. The lower one is substantially smaller, but you can relatively easily climb through the lower archway’s opening. This is how you reach the vantage point from which I took the photo.

There aren’t too many long hiking trails within Arches National Park, but the hike too this arch and then around the Devils Garden Primitive Loop will take you 7.2 miles through some of the most varied and breath-taking terrain accessible within the park. You get to see a staggering eight arches on this loop trail.

6 thoughts on “Double O

  1. Wow! You made it back there. Unfortunately we were unable to this time. The views are truly spectacular during that hike. We made it to delicate arch in the dark with just our phones for light. It was wonderful to see those little lights in the dark as hikers advanced to it for sunrise.

    1. Next time I go I really want to do delicate arch for some star photos. If you haven’t done the Fiery Furnace I highly recommend that as well.

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