Dew a Sunrise

Dew a SunriseA few weeks ago I wrote about the adventure Jennifer and I had traveling to Marokopa Falls in New Zealand. It was down remote windy backroads that consisted of mostly dirt and rock. The fog was thick, but when we rose above it the New Zealand sunrise was stellar.

We found this dew covered wire fence at the top of one of the ridges. The green lush terrain that New Zealand’s North Island is known for stretched out below us through the breaks in the fog. The sheep that New Zealand is also known for covered the hillside on the other side of the dirt road. It really was a perfect sunrise moment.

Today the solar eclipse takes place in the U.S. and Jennifer and I are once again off on a crazy adventure to follow the  sunlight. For all my friends in the States I hope you have the best of luck chasing the sun.

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