Delicate Arch


This rock formation is known as Delicate Arch, located inside Utah’s Arches National Park. If you recognize the image, but aren’t sure where you have seen it, it’s on Utah’s license plate.

The 60′ tall free-standing Delicate Arch can be found at the end of a 3-mile trail that is defined as moderate. If you aren’t adjusted to the altitude it will be strenuous, but doable. In my opinion, this is a must do hike. Don’t fall for the alternative Delicate Arch viewpoint as it doesn’t get you near as close to the formation.

The 3-mile trail to the arch climbs 480′ in elevation, much of which is done on slick rock. Towards the end you are walking along a 3′ wide path on the edge of a cliff face, but once you round the corner you come to the scene pictured here and all that came before, while difficult, falls away. The wonder of this massive formation with the beautiful La Sal Mountain range in the background is all that remains.

You can walk right up to this arch, although you will be in everyone’s photos. Be aware that the other side of this arch is a sheer drop off, which only adds to its wonder. I recommend visiting in the Spring when snow is still on the peaks and you can avoid the  hot summer days.

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