Corn Lily Bloom

Corn Lily Bloom

I personally think Corn Lily leaves are really beautiful, but they are just large green leaves so they don’t add a lot of color to the world. The Corn Lily bloom of white flowers that grow on large central stocks are rather bland as well. I’ve spent many days on the trail walking past these rather ordinary plants without paying much attention to them. Choosing instead to spend my time taking in the beautiful columbines, Fireweeds, and Indian paintbrush of the Colorado high country.

All that being said this may be my favorite flower photo from Colorado. I took it in a field full of Corn Lily blooms in the San Juan Mountains. Most of the flowers reached higher than their leaves. The stocks reached higher than my eye level. These weren’t plants that I could simply walk past as they covered the entire valley floor. The path meandered amongst them disappearing into the thick tall leaves.

This small corn lily bloom was in amongst the field. The stock was just starting to sprout out of the top of the plant’s green leaves. The cluster of flowers searching for daylight amongst the curved lines of chlorophyll.

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