Motion of the Night


Of all photography types, I think night photography is the hardest, yet most rewarding. The first time I really tried it, I was on safari in Zimbabwe. We were so remote that there was no visible light pollution. The sky was filled with the light of the universe. I was captivated. I spent hours taking photos of the sky that night, but not one image was really worth much.

Fast forward nearly a decade (and many more attempts). I found myself on the remote Island of Bohol in the Philippines. While the light pollution wasn’t zero, the sky still lit up brightly. I spent over an hour that night photographing this tree, using a small flashlight to slowly illuminate it. Of the handful of images I took, this was my favorite. With the wind softly blowing and the earth always moving the whole image was captured in motion. I often mistankingly think the night is still and peaceful. While the motion of the night is nothing compared to our busy lives, nothing is ever truly still.

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