Blodgit Flower

blodgit-flowerBeauty is found all around us. This is a flower on a large, stalky weed and yet I think it is gorgeous. I found it near the summit of Blodgit Peak in Colorado Springs. These kinds of weeds were just about the only things living on this small section of trail where the Waldo Canyon fire burned through a few years earlier. It’s a sign of how nature always recovers even after extreme disasters.

I grew up in Tennessee and I am praying for all those who have suffered from the devastating wildfire in and around the Gatlinburg area. The Great Smokey Mountains are very special to me and it hurts to think that many of those places that I knew and loved are potentially gone. I know many have lost homes and businesses and some have lost loved ones. The days ahead will be dark ones and while life will never be the same it will recover. Life is resilient and beauty will rise from the ashes.

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