Arches Evening Primrose

Arches Evening Primrose

It’s moments like these where you realize how many things we pass by so quickly in life. This Evening Primrose flower, albeit very pretty, probably wouldn’t have stood out in a field of flowers. But, place it in the desert, surrounded by gigantic rock structures, and the perspective changes.

This delicate Evening Primrose gives a softer feel to the otherwise hot, desert climate in Arches National Park. The prominent rock structure is called the Organ and is surrounded by monoliths just as breath-taking on the Park Avenue and Courthouse Towers hike. Take a moment to feel small among the towering sandstone and keep an eye open for the smaller things in life.

Evening Primrose

1 thought on “Arches Evening Primrose

  1. Every time I see a post I am amazed at the way beauty is pulled out of nature with your eyes. Makes me stop to smell the roses. Turn around to catch the view that I take for granted.
    Was especially excited to see the adventure taken through the Narrows. Information in how to prepare and the markers to look for before starting the trail encourages me to want to go.
    Please continue posting for those of us who forget to stop and look around.

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