A La Plata View


Summer in Colorado to me means backpacking, camping, and of course summiting 14ers whenever possible. My job keeps me pretty busy during most summer weekends so these are special times. My wife (pictured here) and I took advantage of a slow Sunday in early July and set out at 3am for a long three and half hour drive to be at the trail head of La Plata Peak as the sun rose. We summited La Plata, the 5th highest peak in Colorado and stands at a mere 14,336′, around 10am after climbing nearly 4500′ in elevation over the 4.6 mile trail. Perhaps the most telling sign of the age we live in, I was able to FaceTime with my nieces while on the summit. They seemed less than impressed which might also be a sign of the coming generation’s expectations for connectivity.

The main photo was taken shortly after we started the descent on one of the flatter areas of the trail. The view is west towards the Aspen area of Colorado.

TUs&LaPlatahe summit also had a road sign that someone was nice enough to leave for everyone to get a fun photo. It was a perfect summer day off… although a long, tiring one.


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